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Monday Marketing Tip: Target Local Sponsors


Start the week with a boost in audience engagement by using our Monday Marketing Tip!

Today’s advice will help you select the perfect partner for your next contest. While large, national corporations and brands have a higher marketing budget for purchasing ads and sponsorships, nothing drives engagement quite like local businesses. Partnering with organizations in your area fosters a unique sense of community that helps your audience connect with your promotions.

For example, instead of selling your next sponsored contest to a superstore like Wal-Mart, consider approaching the locally owned grocery store down the street, or another small business. Or pitch your next big baseball promotion to the neighborhood sports bar or pizza place rather than Papa John’s. Not only will partnering with a local advertiser show that your brand supports your community, but these businesses are often willing to donate the prize for your promotion, meaning you won’t break your contesting budget!

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