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Monday Marketing Tip: Honor Your Loyal Listeners!


Start the week with a boost in audience engagement by using our Monday Marketing Tip!

Today’s advice will help you turn casual listeners into true fans without breaking your promotions budget!  Have you thanked your audience lately for listening? Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Why not show your gratitude and boost engagement at the same time? Consider selecting a site member or email subscriber from your database each week and recognizing them as your Listener of the Week. This type of promotion won’t cost you a dime and could drive new members to your email database!

Give the week’s featured listener a special shout out on air and in your newsletter. Reward them with an invitation to come tour the studio. This creates a unique opportunity that they can’t experience anywhere else. You could also use the campaign as a way to generate revenue by securing a sponsor for your Listener of the Week on air announcement and email! Charge a fee for a local business to attach their name to the promotion and have them provide an exclusive offer or prize for that week’s featured member. This will give your audience even more incentive to sign up and tune in!

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