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Preventative Maintenance Window – AMP Rewards-Club – Update!


The below maintenance completed without incident and there was no service interruption during either window.  If you see any issues with your site, please reach out to and we will gladly assist.


Dear AMP Rewards/Club Affiliates,

Beginning tonight, May 16, 2017, we will be conducting preventative maintenance on the servers that power our AMP Rewards and AMP Club products.  This maintenance is a precautionary action due to the recent ransomware exploits that have been widely discussed across the news media.

Here is an outline of the pending update times and a brief description of any issues you may see.

When:  10:00 PM EDT (5/16/17)
What:  Basic server patch updates
Expectations:  Minor to no service interruption.  Less than 1 minute if any.

When:  4:00 AM EDT (5/17/17)
What:  Directory Server updates
Expectations:  Minor service interruptions possible.  Potential for 15 minutes of downtime, although not expected.

We will do our best to limit all disruptions to an absolute minimum and will restore full service as quickly as possible.

Please do not contact the After Hours Service to report site outages during these maintenance times.  We have several departments monitoring the updates and will ensure all sites and networks are back online and functioning at the completion of the maintenance window.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Thank You,

Darrin Patrick

SVP – Client Services, Triton Digital
Cincinnati, OH

o +1 866-448-4037 x6066
o +1 646-568-2963