AMP Contesting Product Support


AMP Contesting is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use stand-alone contesting engine. It allows you to manage multiple promotions across a number of delivery channels.

Turnkey Support for User-Generated Contests

Some of the most powerful contests you can run are those that include your listeners, viewers, or users. AMP Contesting supports every possible user-generated contest you can imagine—text, photos, videos, and audio.  Full gallery display with voting is supported, as is efficient content moderation. All content is hosted and served by Triton, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Multiple Channel Delivery of Contests

Create a contest and place it anywhere you like. Embed the contest on its own stand-alone site, on your own website, on your sponsor’s website, and anywhere else it would be relevant. You can even include the contest listings within your StickyFish or Fan Club loyalty pages.

Enterprise Management

Running a regional or national contest that you want to appear local? No problem. With AMP Contesting’s enterprise capability, you can create one contest and then syndicate it to multiple locations with a unique presentation at each, including logos, graphics, and look and feel.

Mobile-Friendly Display and Participation

Have users who want to participate via the iPad or iPhone? How about an Android phone? All these sources and more are supported by AMP Contesting’s flexible mobile-aware layouts.

Database Synching, Single Sign-On, Social Sign-On

Already running Triton’s StickyFish or Fan Club listener platforms? AMP Contesting comes pre-configured to synch with them to run contests out-of-the-box, including single sign-on. Using another vendor? Custom synchronization can also be enabled with other vendors. Want users to sign in via Facebook? That’s supported as well.

Complete Social Media Integration

Facebook sign-in, Facebook commenting, social sharing—all these and more are supported by AMP Contesting. And future development includes the ability to embed contests directly within Facebook and requiring a Facebook “like” for participation.