AMP Contesting Product Support


Below are commonly asked questions concerning AMP Contesting.  Should you still have questions, our Help Desk can help you find the answers.

General Questions

How do I copy a contest I previously ran?

It’s very simple, from the Digital Ivy homepage in your Triton Admin, click the Clone icon next to your desired contest.  The icon looks like two pieces of paper.  This will allow you to specify your new start and end dates as well as provide a new name for the contest.

I used to use the contests in AMP Rewards all the time. Is there any way I can duplicate that in AMP Contesting?

Yes! The old AMP Rewards contesting module was a basic sweepstakes contesting model.  In AMP Contesting, not only can you replicate the old functionality but we’ve added new tools and features that will make your contests more successful.  For more information on Sweepstakes set-up, please watch the Sweepstakes training videos or contact our Help Desk.

How can I sign-up my contest users with my loyalty club newsletters?

During set-up of a Digital Ivy contest, you can opt new members into your loyalty club newsletters via the Registration and Rules section.  On the Edit Registration Fields, there will be a field called Email Subscription.  Check the Active box to make it appear on your contest’s registration page.  By default, new members will be opted in to your loyalty club newsletters however they do have the option of opting-out.

How do I find the link to microsite version of my AMP Contesting contest?

On the AMP Contesting homepage within the Triton Admin, you will see a list of your contests labeled “All Contests.”  Find your contest in the list and locate the set of icons in the right-hand column.  Clicking the globe icon will pop up a window with the Microsite URL.

How can I embed a contest into my website?

First you must find the embed code for your contest.  On the Digital Ivy homepage within the Triton Admin, click the globe icon next to the contest you want to use. The pop-up will display the embed code you need to copy and paste onto your website.   Knowledge of HTML code is highly recommended before embedding the contest on your website.

Is there an easy way to email all the participants of my contest?

Yes! If you’re utilizing our email platform Tribal Direct 2.0, you can simply export a list of participants from Digital Ivy to Tribal Direct 2.0.  From the Digital Ivy Homepage within the Triton Admin, click the Envelope icon next to your desired contest.  This will allow you to export to a Contact List in Tribal Direct 2.0.


What are the file restrictions for a UGC contest entry?


• MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, also known as MP3 (.mp3)

• AU (.au)

• Audio Interchange File Format, also known as AIFF (.aiff)

• Waveform Audio Format, also known as WAV (.wav)

• Windows Media Audio WMA



• Files should be under 10mb

• JPG and JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg)

• Portable Network Graphics, also known as PNG (.png)

• Graphics Interchange Formate, also known as GIF (.gif)



• On2®VP6 Flash FLV (.flv)

• MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (.mpg)

• H.264/ MPEG-4 AVC

• AVI (.avi)

• QuickTime® (.mov) (Note that VMIX does support the Apple MP4A audio codec but only at a sample rate of 44100 Hz and a bitrate of 1411 kb.)

• Windows® Media Video (.wmv)

• 3G2 and 3GP (.3gp and .3g2) for 3G mobile devices

• As for file size, our CDN provider allows for a maximum of 500mb. But for the average 3-5minute clip, 15mb is plenty. We only render a small player, so a hi-def video is not desirable. I’d advise keeping the file size as small as possible, possibly reducing the quality or resolution before upload.

Some of the images uploaded to my AMP Contesting contest are skewed or stretched, is there anyway to fix this?

Yes! All you will need to do is add the following code to the Header section (on the Universal Settings page) to your AMP Contesting contest. This will fix the images that were skewed.

<style type=”text/css”>
img.submission-large {

How do I remove the Vote buttons in my AMP Contesting UGC contest?

Insert the following code into the header code section of your AMP Contesting contest.

<style type=”text/css”>
.gallery li.galleryrow ul .container-vote {display:none;}
#detailView .container-vote {visibility:hidden;}


Is there a way to hide the Organization & Rewards name from displaying above the Entry form?

Yes! To make that text disappear, drop this code under Edit Contest -> universal options -> header:
This is to hide the club title. Example: WXYZ Rewards:
<style type=”text/css”>
#clubTitle { display:none; }

This is to hide the points summary. Example: Points for Entries 500 Points:
<style type=”text/css”>
#pointsSummary {display:none;}

This is to hide the points summary and club title. Example: Hide both WXYZ and Points for Entries 500 Points:
<style type=”text/css”>
#pointsSummary, #clubTitle {display:none;}