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Fan Club is the online home base for your fans. It connects your users to contests, surveys, games and other exclusive member-only content.


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Sweepstakes Pre-Flight Checklist

Have you created fun and engaging sweepstakes that you’re excited to share with your audience? Use the checklist below to ensure your promotion is cleared for takeoff and as successful as possible! It’s important that you don’t press “Publish” until you have addressed each of these essential details during the setup process.

Don’t forget to…

yellowplaneSet and double check the correct start and end dates.

Determine when and for how long you would like to run your contest and then make sure to correctly set those dates and times in the contest set up. Verifying these dates when building your contest is essential to ensuring your on-air mentions, newsletters, and promotional social media posts line-up with the campaign.


Best Practices

We have found over the years that there are some reliable methods of using our products in order get the most of out them.  These are practices that our most success clients use on a daily basis – and the truth is, if it worked for them it can work for you! No matter what scale market you are, faithful and proactive use of Fan Club’s full potential will generate more audience participation, web traffic and increased revenue!