FLEX WMS Product Support

Best Practices

  • Keep your content up to date and relevant. Make sure to keep your site free from expired events and contests.  Only include information that your listeners are interested in reading.
  • Keep your design clean. You don’t want your listeners to struggle to find your content.  Do not clutter your homepage with unnecessary graphics or flashy distractions that will keep them from finding what they need quickly.
  • Navigation should be clear and concise. Your listeners should not have to guess where they can register for a contest, contact your station, get links that are relevant to them.  Do not overcrowd your navigation, but use drop-down menus to further narrow page links.
  • Ensure consistent branding. Your logo should be clearly placed on the homepage. It should also be used within interior pages.  Listeners should always know they are on your stations website.
  • Provide clear call-to-action.  If you want listeners to register for a contest, make sure you use a graphic with a clear message.  If you want them to vote on a poll, make sure they know where to go to vote.  This is also true if you want them to register or explore further into your site.
  • Entice users.  Your goal is to have listeners return to your website, and increase your page views.  Make sure they know your website is the source for up-to-date information, the source for news and weather, concert information.  Make your listeners want to explore your site, and have them back for repeat visits.
  • Beware of the fold. Key content and call-to-action needs to be immediately visible to the user.  Try to keep your most important content at the top of your site.