FLEX WMS Product Support


Below are commonly asked questions concerning the FLEX WMS.  Should you still have questions, our Client Services team can help you find the answers.

General Questions

This is a test question?

This is our answer.

Help! I’m having technical problems with the site!

Click the Support tab, then click Open a Support Ticket

Are you experiencing problems with the site?  Open a support ticket.  This expedites the process as it goes directly to FLEX Technical Support.   You will be able to track the status as our experts work to quickly resolve any issues.  If you cannot access your site, then use this Contact Support page to reach us.


User Administration

What do I do if I forgot my username/password?

Contact your Digital Services Manager directly.  If you are unsure of your DSM’s contact information, please contact our support team @ 1-877-836-9321, or send an email to dsm@tritondigital.com.


Content Tools

I’m having trouble seeing my changes on the website!

Try Refreshing the Page and Clearing Cache.

A change to the website may not appear immediately if the page was already loaded in your browser.  Cache stores information from a webpage in your browser to improve the overall speed.  FLEX uses a caching system called E-Accellerator that “caches” a page for three minutes.

Allow three minutes for the change to appear to your website.

No Luck? Use another browser.  If you were working with Internet Explorer, launch FireFox or Safari and go to the page in question.  Do you see your change? If so then you may need to clear the cache in your default browser in order to view the change there.

Here’s a link to instructions on how to clear Cache for most browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.


How do I update my Promo/News Reels?

Click the Content Tab, then click Promo/News Reel

The Promo/News reel will list all items set up in the tool.  Click on the pencil icon under in the Action column to edit an item.  Here is where you can upload a new image or adjust the display settings on an existing item. Click on the red X to delete.

How do I add Events to the Calendar?

Click the Content tab, then click Event Manager

Click Create Event to add events to your calendar.  Enter the required information.  You can add links to an event page and assign a Venue.  Use the editor tools to insert graphics and format your text.

How do I add items to the Navigation Bar?

Click the Content tab, then click Navigation

Once you open the Navigation tool, click Manage and select Create Nav Item.  Upload your new images.  Add a Mouseover image if you want the font or background color to change when listeners place their cursor on the button.

Link the navigation button to a page on the site by selecting it from the Page to Link To menu, or type an external URL in the Other Link field.   Be sure to include the entire URL, ex. http://www.domain.com.  Set the Target.  Do you want the page to open in the same window or a new tab on the browser?

Click Create once all the applicable settings are entered.

Use the directional arrows in the main menu to set the order of your navigation buttons.

How can I create a new Page on the site?

Click Content, then click Page Creator/Manager

Your existing pages will be listed in the left column.  Click Create Page to build a new one.  Click the tablet icon to edit an existing page.

Clicking Create Page will bring you to the Page Editor.  Give your page a unique name. The Page Name will be the actual text that appears at the top of your webpage.

You can also give your page an Alias.  The alias is a URL shortcut to the page.  The page will appear if “www.domain.com/alias” is typed into the address bar of a browser.  Example:  www.wxyz.com/concerts

The page Category will define the basic layout of your page. The category will also create a default setup for the right column.

Add all your original content in the text editor.  You can use the tools to format text, insert images, links and even Flash files.  You also click the Source button and switch to HTML to add embedded code like YouTube videos.

Setting a Start and End date is useful if your page features time sensitive information, like contest details.  The page will only viewable during that specific timeframe.  The page will always be viewable if No Start Date and No End Date are checked.

Add Tags to increase the visibility of your page by linking to similar content on your site.  The Feed and Featured Image menu items are for the Feed Tool, which uses the Page Creator to add content.

Click Save Changes.  This will bring you back to the main menu.  Click the Preview button to view your new page. 


Listener Engagement

How do I create a Poll?

Click the Engagement tab, then click Poll Tool

Click to Create Question and type the poll question as you would like it to display on the site.   Choose from a standard poll, or an Image in Answers poll.  An Image in Answers will allow your guest to submit photos to the poll.

Once the basic information is entered, the configurations settings for your poll will appear as shown below.

Poll Tool Configuration Settings

Enter your answers into the area provided.  The Rank of the answer will determine its placement below the question.  Change the status to Active when you are ready for the poll to go live.  By default it will display the results generated once the answer has been submitted.

To remove a question, Click Delete.  A dialog box will appear “Are you sure you want to delete this question?”  Click OK

How do I add a form to my site?

Click the Engagement tab, then click Forms Tool.

Click Create New Form

Enter your configurations.  See example shown below.

Admin Email:                This option will send the form data in an email to a designated address

User Email:                   This option will send a confirmation/thank you email to a user upon registration

Database Collection:  This option will allow you to download user entries into an excel spreadsheet and locate uploaded files

Age Verification:          This option will set the minimum age requirements to register

Limits:                           This allows you to limit the number of times a user can register through sessions or email address

Click Update Form and a text editor will appear.  This has two areas to edit, the Top Text and the Bottom Text.  The Top Text will appear above the form.  The Bottom Text will appear below.   You can also edit the Thank you page from the section’s menu drop down.  This will appear once the user has submitted a form.

Click the Manage Fields tabs. 

Designate any Required Fields by selecting [N] for not required or [Y] for required.  If you have selected Age verification or user email verification in the configurations, the form will automatically include these fields.  (Date of Birth and Email)

Review your fields by clicking the Preview Form button.