Mobile Xpress Messenger Product Support


Below are commonly asked questions concerning the Mobile Xpress Messenger product.  Should you still have questions, our Client Services team can help you find the answers.

Mobile Xpress Messenger

What is text messaging?

Text messaging is wireless communication that facilitates sending messages to mobile phones and PDAs.  Station-generated messaging and listener-generated messaging are enabled via SMS gateways and specialized communications protocols.

SMS stands for “Short Message Service”.  It’s the underlying technology behind two-way text messaging.

Who can receive and send text messages?

Anyone with a text messaging capable phone, pager or PDA can send or receive messages if their mobile service plan includes this.

Why is text messaging so important to a radio station?

Text messaging is an efficient, versatile and easy to incorporate into any marketing or promotional campaign.

Station-generated text messages are delivered immediately and can reach listeners wherever they are – and whether or not they are listening to the station.   Setting listening ‘appointments’ and sending reminders is easy, efficient and effective.

Inviting listeners to text “in” to a station for special offers, requests, polls and contests is popular with stations and with listeners.

If I already have database-marketing software that e-mails messages to my listeners, why would I need this?

When you have instant access to your listeners anytime and anywhere, text messaging opens up an entirely new range of promotional and marketing opportunities.

Wherever they are, your listeners can receive “tune-in” messages, incentives to stop by your afternoon remote, breaking news alerts, VIP passes, and more – all delivered to their hand-held device.

You can build your text messaging club “by invitation”.  If you want a more targeted group of listeners, for instance P1s and P2s for a VIP or loyal listener population:

  1. Create a subset of your existing e-mail database, using the profiling tools available to you.  For example, include all the women 18-49, or everyone who resides in your hot zips.  Your P1s and P2s if you’ve asked listening preference questions in your e-mail database sign-up.
  2. Send an e-mail invitation to this profile and paste in a link to your MXM sign-up. Your invitation should include compelling reasons why they should sign-up.
  3. Or, you may choose to invite everyone in your existing e-mail club.  In either case, it’s easy to include a live link to the MXM sign-up form.

Invitation links make it easy to support the all-important “opt-in,” and they give you the ability to build your MXM membership based on specific selection criteria important to your market.

What if I already have a ‘points program’?

Great. Text messaging can extend the power of your points program by giving your station an additional communication channel to reach your listeners, let them know what they can win, and how. If you are an affiliate of Triton’s Stickyfish or Fan Club, we can link up your ‘points’ signup form to include the option to sign up for Mobile Xpress Messenger. Listeners can text to win points.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send out?

Unlimited MO (Mobile Originated messages coming from a listener’s cell phone) MT messages (Mobile Terminated messages coming from station) are determined by your stations contract and will vary from station to station. MT messages in excess of the number allotted to that station in any calendar month will then be charged to station at the per-message rate 2.0 cents).

How does MXM’s sign-up process work?

MXM supports 100% permission messaging. There are two ways for listeners to join your club:

1.Online Sign Up Form: The MXM form is created and listeners sign up with basic data about themselves, name, mobile phone number, e-mail and respond to questions you have developed for them. Those entries go into a database, which you can then segment by an array of different variables. You can then send text messages out to those different segments or out to the database as a whole depending on your needs.

2.Mobile Opt-In: Listeners can choose to mobile opt-in to your text club.  Your station must have an active USI(Unique Station Identfier),.  The listeners simply texts in two words, yur USI and the word join.  In this example “KISS107” is the station USI: KISS107 join

Can MXM detect duplicate sign-ins?

Yes, MXM requires both a unique mobile number and a unique e-mail address at sign-up.

If either the mobile number or e-mail address is recognized by MXM, a message will pop up and an e-mail will be sent to advise the listener he/she is already in the database.

How do listeners send messages to my station?

Your on-air staff can mention your 5 digit short code on air and invite them to send messages – request a song – weigh in on a hot talk topic – enter a contest –  text in a shout out – or vote on Top 5 at 5:00.  Listeners will need to be registered in your club.

Can listeners update their information?

Yes, from time to time listeners may need to update their records; our approach is unique and designed to make this easy and efficient, both for the station and the listeners.

The listener enters his/her e-mail address on a web hosted “Welcome page”, linked from your site.  MXM recognizes subscribers already in the database and gives them the option to update their data by displaying the current record (and also gives the option to unsubscribe).

How do listeners unsubscribe?

They can text the word “QUIT” or “STOP” in a message sent to your station (via short code).

Or, they can visit the web hosted sign up page to find the unsubscribe option after entering their email address

Can I schedule messages to be sent at a later date or time?

Yes.  Before you send a message, you have the option to schedule messages to go out any day or time you like.

Can MXM send a message to subscribers on their birthday automatically?

Yes. Under the Auto Replies menu button, select Birthday Message. Once you edit the message, MXM will automatically text subscribers on their birthday.

Can I set up other automatic messages?

Yes.  Use the Keyword Tools function to set up a message which will be sent, automatically, in response do a keyword or character string you establish.