Email & Administration Tips

Build Your Own Rewards Pages! | August 13, 2008

Did you know that your StickyFish Rewards program provides you the ability to build your own customized web pages inside the program "skin"? We have clients use these as "jump" pages for special promotions, to host contest-specific rules, to consolidate links to point earning instances for a specific advertiser,and in many other ways.

Here is how you can host a custom page with in your StickyFish program…. 

An Easy Direct Response Opportunity | August 12, 2008

We have long promoted the concept of ‘Tribal Email Marketing’, which essentially boils down to sending the right content to the right people.  Delivering relevant content via email increases open rates and response rates. With this in mind, we thought we would pass along a simple idea to help you offer more relevant content via email and make a little money in the process.