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Preventative Maintenance Window – AMP Rewards-Club – Update! | May 16, 2017


The below maintenance completed without incident and there was no service interruption during either window.  If you see any issues with your site, please reach out to and we will gladly assist.


Dear AMP Rewards/Club Affiliates,

Beginning tonight, May 16, 2017, we will be conducting preventative maintenance on the servers that power our AMP Rewards and AMP Club products.  This maintenance is a precautionary action due to the recent ransomware exploits that have been widely discussed across the news media.

Here is an outline of the pending update times and a brief description of any issues you may see.

When:  10:00 PM EDT (5/16/17)
What:  Basic server patch updates
Expectations:  Minor to no service interruption.  Less than 1 minute if any.

When:  4:00 AM EDT (5/17/17)
What:  Directory Server updates
Expectations:  Minor service interruptions possible.  Potential for 15 minutes of downtime, although not expected.

We will do  

4 vacation ideas perfect for summer contests | May 10, 2017

Palm tree on the tropical beach

The temperature is rising, and your audience has one thing on their minds: summer vacations! While they’re planning their own seasonal getaways, you can use the opportunity to drive engagement with a destination sweepstakes. Read on for four types of vacation contests to get your members excited for summer!

Hot tropical getaways

When your audience dreams of summer vacation, they likely picture exotic island getaways, relaxing on the beach. Consider approaching a hotel chain or travel agency to sponsor a sweepstakes for a summer beach trip. If you can’t secure lodging ahead of time for a vacation contest, offer up a hotel gift card or cash prize for travel expenses.

Cool cruise destinations

Not everyone can stand the heat! Partner with a cruise line and entice your audience with the chance to cool off on an Alaskan cruise. Members will jump at the chance to relax on the deck of  

Monday Marketing Tip: Offer exclusive deals in your newsletter | May 08, 2017

MondayMarketingTip Start the week with a boost in audience engagement with our Monday Marketing Tip! Today’s advice will help you grow your database and bring in new revenue using just your email newsletter. Local businesses love publicity, and what better way to spread the word about their brand than by offering exclusive deals to bring in new business? Capitalize on this strategy by approaching advertisers in your community to secure special offers just for your audience. Your sponsor will be happy to receive more customers, and by mentioning the deal on air, you’ll drive also drive new members to your email database.


Looking for new sponsors suggestions? Check out our list of target advertisers for wedding season to find the perfect match for your summer campaigns! 

Take a swing at new revenue with our All-Star Advertiser Baseball Card #4! | May 05, 2017

Looking to knock one out of the park with your baseball season campaigns? We’ve got a full roster of all-star advertisers to target for your contests and sponsored promotions! A few weeks ago, we introduced the first of our collection of four trading cards highlighting a different advertiser category. Each card features suggestions for sponsors to target as well as campaign ideas. Save the cards to your desktop, or print them out to keep at your desk or in your wallet. Then you’ll have it when you’re ready to pitch your next baseball-themed campaign!

Click here to download All-Star Advertiser Trading Card #4, featuring suggested retail sponsors.


Looking for more easy promotion ideas for an upcoming event or holiday? Want tips for promoting your content on social media? Contact the Syndicated Content Team and tell us what you’d like to read about in future engagement blog posts!