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AMP Promotions Management

AMP Promotions Management by Triton Digital enables a brand to extract more value from its online audience by creating deeper connections through digital interactions.

The Promotions solution within AMP Promotions Management allows publishers to create, schedule, and manage on-air, online, and off-site promotions. It seamlessly coordinates all promotions efforts into one integrated platform.

The Benefits of Using AMP Promotions Management

AMP Promotions Management provides you with the following benefits:

  • Manage promotions at any level
  • Web-based and mobile accessible
  • Integrated online, on-street, and in-print contests
  • Eliminate the risk of manually collecting winner information

The Features Within AMP Promotions Management

Promotions Approval and Scheduling

  • Approving contest, liners, and events
  • Liner, promo, PSA & sponsorship scheduling
  • Event scheduling
  • Track promotions requests

Contest Management

  • Web system for collecting winner info
  • Manage entries/members/winner info

Mange Studio Calendar

  • Remote access for Jock
  • Tracking event status
  • Event Reminders

Member Information Collection

  • Online data and tax collection
  • Digital signatures
  • Secure data

Event Management

  • Schedule staff/vehicles/equipment
  • Packing lists
  • Collect data about an event
  • Google map location finder
  • Picture uploads
  • Sponsor Recaps

Prize Closet and Inventory Management

  • Recycling unclaimed prizes
  • Retiring expiring prizes

Prize Fulfillment Management

  • Front desk prize pickup
  • Winner eligibility mechanisms