More often than not, the students will be asked their instructors write an essay or research paper on an essay either in a style known as Modern Language Association (MLA), or the American Psychological Association (APA). However, the MLA is commonly used in the United States colleges and universities.

There are tips for writing an essay in MLA format. It is important to note that the MLA format is normally used on the Arts and History papers. The following are some tips we got from for writing the essay in MLA style.

The first tip is about general formatting, which include Times New Roman and 12 point size. The margin of the page should be set at one inch on both sides. It is advisable for the writer of the essay to use single space after full stops.

It is also advisable for the first line of each paragraph to be indented, which should be exactly a half an inch on the left margin. Finally, the student should use double spacing unless stated otherwise.

The titles used in the essay should be italicized and centered. It is important to note that there should be no title page unless indicated. In the first page, the student should write his or her name, the instructor’s name, the university, course, and date on the upper left of the first page.

The other tip for writing an essay in MLA is about citation of various sources that have been used in the paper. In MLA, the references that have been used in the paper are referred to as works cited.

For the purposes of in-text citation the student should use the surname of the author and the page where the information has been gotten from. On the works cited page, the sources that have been used in the paper should be arranged in an alphabetical order.

When citing, it is important for the student to pay a special attention on the surname, title of the book or journal, the date of publication, the publisher and the place of publication.



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