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Carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, navigating corn mazes… fall is full of fun! From harvest festivals, to Halloween and Thanksgiving, read on for some great seasonal content ideas to excite your members and local sponsors.

Festive Sweepstakes and UGC Contests

Increase audience engagement with some timely, fun fall contests! Sell a sponsorship to a local grocery chain and post a Thanksgiving Feast Sweepstakes, awarding a lucky winner everything they need to host a delicious holiday dinner for their friends and family. A local corn maze or pumpkin patch would also make a great sponsor for a fall-themed prize package.

With User-Generated Content (UGC) contests, your audience can showcase their fall spirit! Challenge your members to showcase their carving skills in a UGC Jack-o-Lantern photo challenge. Let parents show off their adorable kids’ costumes or host a Best Pet Costume contest so your members can submit their share-worthy dog and cat pictures. Boost engagement by securing a local pet store to provide a gift card to the entry that receives the most votes.

Funny boxer dog

Or why not whet your members’ appetite with a Pic-Worthy Dishes contest? This fun UGC opportunity would allow your audience to share pictures and recipes for their tastiest Thanksgiving dishes. Sell a sponsorship to a local grocery store or farmer’s market and award the member with the winning entry a gift card or shopping spree to stock up on ingredients for this year’s holiday feast.

Contest preview:
Contest example
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Want to run this promotion on your site? Download the assets, including sample graphics, CSS, and copy, right now by clicking here!


Fall Trivia

Treat your knowledge buff members to some tricky trivia this Halloween with questions about classic monster movies, holiday traditions, and more. Or let them feast on more than just turkey and pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving-themed trivia questions.






Fun Fall Polls

From classic costumes and favorite trick-or-treat candies to pumpkin-flavored goodies and tasty Thanksgiving dishes, your audience is sure to have plenty of opinions! Weekly or daily polls throughout the season are a great way to engage your members by letting them pick their favorite monster movie, choose between apple cider and pumpkin lattes, or select their favorite fall festival activity.





Haunted Brackets

Let your audience crown the ultimate spooky champions! Run a Monster Mash bracket to determine the scariest classic monster, or create a Scary Movie Showdown to pick the most spine-tingling horror film. Maximize potential engagement by securing a local costume store or Halloween pop-up shop as a sponsor, and provide a winning participant with a gift card or shopping spree.
Don’t wait until the first leaves turn before kicking off your autumn-themed campaigns! Help your members prepare for fall with some of these fun content ideas, or create great campaigns of your own!


Looking for more easy promotion ideas for an upcoming event or holiday? Want tips for promoting your content on social media? Contact the Syndicated Content Team and tell us what you’d like to read about in future engagement blog posts!



Contest Copy Checklist

Contests are a huge part of successful promotions and an essential tool for growing your database. That’s why it’s important to write copy for your sweepstakes or giveaway that is enticing yet concise. Before pushing that publish button on your next promotion, take a look at the checklist below to ensure your copy is in top shape!


Give your promotion an attention-grabbing title.

checkStand out from the competition with an eye-catching title. Try something that will entice your audience to click on the contest page by giving them a clear idea of what they can expect. For example, “Malibu Giveaway” or “Malibu Contest” are rather plain and unclear. “Win a Malibu Experience!” is a more exciting title. “Win a Trip for 2 to Malibu!” is equally compelling while more clearly stating what you are offering the winner of your promotion.


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Grab your free copy of the Q1 Campaign Concepts Guide today and start planning for a profitable 2017!

Looking for more easy campaign ideas? Want tips for promoting your content on social media? Contact the Syndicated Content Team and tell us what you’d like to read about in future engagement blog posts and guides!







2017 goals list on napkin

2017 is here, which means it’s time to evaluate your current routine and resolve to make some changes and improvements. While you’re planning your personal goals for 2017, why not make a few resolutions for your content and marketing strategies as well? To help you get started, we’ve compiled three suggestions for achievable goals that will help set your brand up for a successful new year.

Get Social. You’ve worked hard to grow your online community across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our friends at IBM project that social media marketing investment will take up close to a quarter of the average company’s marketing budget by the year 2021. Make a resolution to stay on top of that trend in 2017 by promoting your campaigns in your social channels! We’ve even posted some great tips for free and easy ways to market your sponsored contests on Facebook and Twitter right here on the Need to Know blog!

Leverage Your Insights. Surveys provide a quick and easy way to learn more about your audience. Take advantage of the insights gained from this type of content to improve your marketing strategy in 2017. For example, ask members about their favorite local shops and restaurants to compile a list of new target sponsors, or poll your audience to learn what prizes and experiences interest them the most when planning your monthly promotions.

Stay in the Know. Don’t wait until you need advice on a particular product or campaign idea. Subscribe to receive updates, tips, and other free resources from our Need to Know Blog, delivered right to your inbox! We’ve even prepared a Campaign Concepts Guide with more than a dozen contest ideas and sponsor suggestions to set you up for a successful first quarter. For additional training or to brush up on your knowledge of our products, visit Triton Digital University. If you don’t already have a TDU account, contact our Client Support Team today to get started.

Try one or all of these resolutions to engage your audience and optimize your promotions strategies in 2017 and beyond!

Looking for more easy promotion ideas for an upcoming event or holiday? Want tips for promoting your content on social media? Contact the Syndicated Content Team and tell us what you’d like to read about in future engagement blog posts!



I have an advertiser that I’m working with and would like to use rewards, who should I call?

You can call Triton Loyalty Sales Support (M-F, 8:30am – 5:30pm EST) for all of your rewards program needs. Matt Jones can be reached at 770-250-2729, or Chris Bohn can be reached at 770-250-2733 or

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How many elements can I use at any one time?

You can use as many elements as you wish, but the true goal is to use elements that are going to be most beneficial to your advertiser and garner the results your client is truly seeking. That is where Triton Loyalty Sales Support comes in!

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How do I get reports?

Reports are sent directly to you on a weekly basis (depending on your contract status) from our content manager. The first report is issued 7 days after the campaign is posted, and a weekly report will be delivered for each subsequent week the campaign runs. Once the campaign ends, you will receive a Final Recap of the total results produced during the posted period.

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Can I get help with campaign ideas?

Triton Loyalty Sales Support is happy to assist you in coming up with, or developing, any ideas you may have for a rewards campaign. We can provide you with sample content from successful campaigns we have run in the past, activity recaps, as well as an array of test surveys that can help you generate ideas regarding what type of advertiser might be interested in our programs.

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Which elements can be sponsored?

Essentially, all elements can be sponsored. If you have a campaign and need advice deciding what elements to use, give us a call. We will assist with sample content, and consulting on which elements can garner the right results for your client. Whether its web exposure, lead generation, or foot traffic to a store front; we’re here to help every step of the way.

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How long does a campaign run?

Each element of a campaign is scheduled to run for 4 consecutive weeks, but we are always open to run them on a shorter, or longer timeframe at the client’s request. We can also help you set up annual deals for your clients.

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How long does it take to get a campaign posted?

You should typically expect a 72-hour window in which your particular campaign will be posted. Of course we understand that from time to time last minute deals come through, and a campaign needs immediate attention. We will handle those requests on a case by case basis, but can usually accommodate your needs in a timely manner.

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I don’t understand all the elements, can I get some training?

Triton Loyalty Sales Support offers regular training on our StickyFish platform every other Thursday at 2:30pm, but we are also willing to set-up market-specific training for any market that needs additional, or refresher training.To set up a market-specific training, please have your sales manager contact our StickyFish Sales Training Manger, Matt Jones at

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Will you talk with my advertiser to help him/her understand the program?

Triton Loyalty Sales Support maintains a standard policy that all Account Executives be the primary contact for local advertisers interested in our programs. All information, web content, and reports will be sent directly to the radio sales rep to pass along to their respective client. However, we are always open to setting up conference calls that involve both an advertising client and their primary Account Executive, as a means for explaining our programs more thoroughly too all parties involved. Should you need to set up a call with your advertisers, feel free to contact us in sales support.

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Can the Slot Machine be sponsored?

The short answer is “YES”. Our slot machine is an exciting program that listeners love. It features a scrolling text message that is completely customizable, a customizable and clickable skin, and custom banner ad space. That’s 3 layers of advertising your clients can take advantage of. To see some working examples or to discuss the slot machine in detail, give Matt Jones or Chris Bohn a call to assist.

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I’ve got a campaign posted, but I can’t see it?

If you are having trouble viewing a campaign that you believe should be live on site, please alert Triton Loyalty Sales Support immediately and we will troubleshoot the problem with you. If you have a campaign scheduled to start on a particular day and don’t see it yet, please remember that we maintain a policy of posting all campaigns by the end of the business day.

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What is sales collateral?

Sales Collateral is a custom Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that is created specifically for your radio market by Triton Loyalty Sales Support, and is one of the most effective ways to explain our programs to your advertising clients during sales meetings. We provide a complete breakdown of each StickyFish element in a visual format, along with custom high-resolution graphics. This presentation can presented as an entire packet, or you may simply print individual sheets that are relevant to a particular campaign. Please contact Triton Loyalty Sales Support if you have not received sales collateral for your radio market.
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