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Best Practices

Best Practices 

Podcast Length.  30 to 60 minutes is a good length for your podcast.  If you have a longer show, you may want to upload the podcast segmented into 30- 60 minute podcasts.

Produce a quality Podcast. Edit episodes appropriately for content, quality, and length

Syndicate your Podcast.  Submit your podcast link to iTune.

Give your listeners a reason to visit your website.  Make sure that you have assorted Feeds for your podcasts so listeners can find the content clearly on your site.

 Make it easy for your listeners to find links to content you mention during the podcast.  When you reference businesses or websites in your podcast, mention to listeners where they can get this information from your website.

Use Social Media – Use your Facebook and Twitter to announce new podcasts on your stations websites.

Optimize the Podcast by providing appropriate Title, Description, Tags, etc.  Further, make sure that you use your keywords in the RSS description.