Stationcaster Product Support

Getting Started

We’re delighted to welcome you as a new affiliate of our StationCaster Podcast service. Our goal is to help your station make the most out of your audio and video files, from easier file management to getting Real Time reports to track your audience.

StationCaster Timeline:

Kick-Off Call

• Introduction of your Digital Services Manager
• Security Information-username/password
• Station Title: This will appear on the main directory page. You will want to decide on a title for your podcast. Station Title Examples: “Homegrown Country Podcasts”,” News From 1230 TALK AM” If you can’t think of one in time of the call you can use a temporary one and change it later).
• Feed Category Name: This is a descriptive name you will use to describe all of the podcasts in a certain category. Category Name Examples: Morning Show Bits, Live in Studio (Again, if you can’t think of one in time of the call you can use a temporary one and change it later).

Podcast Links & Installation: After our Kick-Off Call, I will email the links to you and your web developer for installation. Take a look at how our other StationCaster affiliates have integrated the service on their sites:

Music Example 1
Music Example 2
Music Example 3

News/Talk Example 1

Sports Example 1
Sports Example 2
Sports Example 3

Training: We will schedule a training call for you and your team.

We are confident that StationCaster will simplify your podcasting experience and draw the audience you desire. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

StationCaster highlights:

  • Excellent way to extend your content, personalities and brand
  • Great $$$ sponsorships opportunities…very visual and tangible for easier selling
  • Stations sell sponsorships in the pre-roll and also the podcast player (different from the Live stream player)
  • We will design and skin the landing page and media player with sponsor or station branding
  • There are lots of ways we can set it up
  • Your local teams don’t have to do much work with it. We will help manage the set up.