To edit Page Text:

Click Admin>Site>Page Text.  All editable page text will appear.

The Keyword indicates where the text is on the rewards page.  The Description is the actual text that displays on the site.  

Click the “Edit” button …

To add banner ads or graphics to your StickyFish site:

To set up a Page Host:

Click Add New Page Host button to create a new page host.
Two tabs will appear on the screen:  Display and  …

To change menu options:

Click the item you wish to alter under “My Accounts”, “Get Points”, or “Use Points”

Once Selected, you will notice the following descriptions of the item:

To set up a Home Page Promo:

Click Home Page Promo button to initiate a new home page promotion. Three tabs will appear on the …

To set up Page View Tracking Code:

Click blue “Banner Ads” button. Four tabs will appear on the screen. They are the Display Tab, the Setup Tab, the Positioning Tab, and the …

To look up a Member in your Platform:

You will see a “Member Search” box.   You will be prompted to choose an option to “Search by”.  Five options will appear on the screen. They are Last Name,

To set up a Company:

Click “Add New Company” button to initiate a new company creation.  The display tab is where work will be completed.

On the Display Tab :

Enter …