AMP Rewards Product Support


AMP Rewards is a points-based loyalty program that rewards your audience for engaging with your brand, interacting with your website, and engaging with your advertisers.
It’s A Whole Lot More Effective Than Just Email

Sending email newsletters to your audience is a competitive necessity, not a competitive advantage. After all, everyone does it. However, AMP Rewards is a true loyalty program that rewards your audience for doing things that lead to increased ratings, engagement, and revenue.

Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Web Traffic

AMP Rewards has a flawless track record of increasing web traffic. In fact, some stations have increased web traffic by as much as 1,300%!

Increase Ratings and Interaction with the Broadcast

Whether measured by diary, Arbitron’s PPM, or set top box, getting your audience to set appointments to tune into your broadcast is critical to your ratings success. With AMP Rewards, stations regularly generate 100,000 appointments each month. And better yet, you can also reward your audience to participate in research and attend station events.

Generate Direct Response for Advertisers and NTR for Your Station

Generating direct measurable response for advertisers has always been a significant challenge for broadcasters. AMP Rewards solves that problem and enables promotions that are measurable in how they move consumers to support your advertisers. Some stations are making a million dollars a year in NTR using AMP Rewards.

Industry Leading Support Services Make It Easy!

No time? No worries. AMP Rewards includes extensive support services to lighten the load of running a loyalty marketing program. These services include prizing that we source and fulfill, syndicated content like predictive games, and audience technical support. Look closely, as no other vendor comes close when it comes to support.

Single Point of Registration Makes It Easy for Your Audience

Some vendors seem to think the idea of a “single point of registration” is new. AMP Rewards has been integrating with other vendors for years. Regardless of the provider of your text messaging, streaming, web site, social network, or any other service, AMP Rewards will provide a seamless integrated process as well as a single point of registration.