AMP Rewards Product Support

Best Practices

We have found over the years that there are some reliable methods of using our products in order get the most of out them.  These are practices that our most success clients use on a daily basis – and the truth is, if it worked for them it can work for you! No matter what scale market you are, faithful and proactive use of AMP Rewards’ full potential will generate more audience participation, web traffic and increased revenue!

Best Practices

Audience Appointments

An audience appointment rewards your audience with points for interacting with your on-air, on-line or print content.

How should I use audience appointments?

  • Set up a minimum of 3 appointments/day – one or more per daypart
  • Blend them into existing programming where possible;rotate new ones to keep fresh
  • Keep them simple – don’t try and test your audience’s memory.
  • Drive home the mentions of prizing, not points
  • Link your main website directly to audience appointments for maximum effectiveness

Contest Integration

The rewards program is not just a single promotion. It is a platform through which multiple promotions are run. It is a one-stop shop for your listeners where they come to find out about all your stations promotions. By integrating some (or all) of your stations contests and games through the site you will increase membership in the program, increase traffic on your rewards site, and provide a pleasant user experience for your listeners.

How should I integrate contests?

  • Run some contests exclusively through the rewards club.
  • Integrate on-air contests by offering “another way to win” for on-air contests.
  • Give reward club members an exclusive “leg up” in on-air contests.
  • Regularly give away small value, high volume prizes in the trade-ins section.

Regular Promotion

Would you give away thousands of dollars in prizes each month and never mention it on air? That is exactly what you are doing if you do not talk about the rewards club on the air. Regular promotion of the rewards club both on air and on your main site is vital to the success of the program. The key to successful promotion is to talk about the things that members really value – prizes and fun content.

How should I promote the club?

  • On-Air:
    • Relevance: Talk about prizes or local content such as trivia or surveys. You should avoid excessive mention of “points”. Nobody cares about points. Everyone cares about prizes.
    • Frequency: You need to implement an “optimum effective schedule” so that each audience member hears a mention of the program at least 3 times per week.
    • Sincerity and Energy. On-air promotion can include recorded mentions, but like anything else live mentions work best.
  • On Main Site:
    • Build in a navigational link into you main navigation
    • Dedicate an above the fold promotional unit to promoting your program
    • In your on-line promotion, promote prizes not points
    • Use our Custom Contest List Page to showcase program prizing on your home page
  • In the Rewards Club:
    • Cross promote different content within the rewards club
    • Feature large prizes with home page promos or banner ads

Member Interaction

Many listeners highly value the opportunity to interact with your station. They want to give their feedback and they want to feel like their voice is being heard. Leveraging the Survey and Music Testing features of the rewards club can fulfill these wishes for your listeners. On top of that you can gather valuable information on listener habits and preferences for no additional cost.

How should I use Feedback Surveys and Music Tests?

  • Create a Music Test each week
  • Create a lifestyle survey to run each month
  • Create a station feedback survey to run each month

Additional Content

Additional Content on your site gives your members for fun and entertaining ways to earn points. It also provides them with additional reasons to join or stay active in the program.

How should I use additional content?

  • Create fun, local trivia for the members to interact with on a regular basis (once per day or once per week)
  • Create weekly surveys designed for entertainment
  • Use the syndicated content Enticent provides
  • Put some content from the main site, like the online stream, behind the password of the rewards club.

Cross Promotion

Cross promoting your on air broadcast, your main site, your station remotes, and your StickyFish site will increase both the awareness and traffic on all fronts. It will also allow your members to easily and quickly find the information they are looking for and even the information they were not looking for.

How should I use Cross Promotion?

  • Create Bonus Codes for every station remote.
  • Create Featured Links back to the sections of your home site that you want to highlight
  • Create Home Page Promos to feature special events like concert news or an on air promotion
  • Create off-line contests to promote the on-air only contests you already do