AMP Email Product Support


AMP Email is the advanced mass mail engine that allows you to set up email the way you want it delivered—with flexibility, power, targeting, and efficiency.

Better Targeting and Higher Relevance

With AMP Email, you have the power to compartmentalize your database around the specific interests of your audience. This allows your communication to be more targeted and relevant.

Higher Open Rates and Lower Opt-Outs

When the relevance of your email communication goes up, open rates rise and opt-outs fall.

Faster and More Efficient Delivery

Sending mass email and getting it delivered are two very different things. AMP Email uses the most advanced servers, IP routing, list hygiene, and whitelist management tools available to assure the quickest and highest delivery rate possible.

Advanced Features

A-B testing of email copy to maximize the effectiveness of your emails… Email scheduling to optimize open rates…Advanced reporting… These, along with more advanced features, provide you with state-of-the-art email management.