AMP Email Product Support

Best Practices

One of the strongest aspects of a database marketing is the ability to deliver information to your listeners without creating on air clutter. Here are some tips of how to better utilize email to reach your listeners.

Best Practices

Why should I use email?

  • Deliver information to your listeners without creating on air clutter
  • Create revenue opportunities
  • Increase activity in the rewards club
  • Increase membership in the database

How should I use Email?

  • Send out a regular newsletter. Weekly or Monthly is typical.
  • Include a bonus code in your newsletter to reward members for reading the email
  • Create exclusive content that is only available by email. IE. concert updates
  • Create exclusive email only surveys to get feedback from your listeners
  • Create multiple subscriptions to sub-divide your listeners into “Tribes”

Regular Newsletters

Send out a regular newsletter once a week or once a month that includes information on:

  • Concert updates
  • Upcoming contests
  • Upcoming station events
  • Other news you want listeners to know

Set up a code word instance in Bonus Codes for each newsletter you send out and include the answer to the code word in the email.  This will:

  • Reward your members who are already reading your email
  • Encouraging more listeners to read the email
  • Drive up activity in the rewards club

Exclusive Email Content

Send out a regular email with content that the members cannot get anywhere else. Another option is a “first look” approach where you send concert updates or other “breaking” news in advance of putting it on the website. This adds value to the rewards club and receiving email from the station for many listeners.

Email Surveys

Create a stealth survey and link the survey in an email. This will allow you to get feedback only from the member who is receiving the email. It also adds to the “exclusive” advantage of being a rewards club member.

Tribal Strategies

Create multiple subscriptions for your emails. This allows your listeners to pick and choose which email they would like to receive from you and will reduce listener’s fear of being “spammed”.

  • Create one subscription for your newsletter
  • Create separate subscriptions for other content offering like local sports or concert updates
  • Create a subscription for any advertising opportunity email like a weekly coupon email or local food/dining information