AMP Email Product Support


Below are commonly asked questions concerning AMP Email.  Should you still have questions, our Help Desk can help you find the answers.

General Questions

What is a Query?

A Query is a subset of your database.  Queries are created through the use of filtering logic called “criteria.”  You can filter on any database field.   Allowing you to target specific demographic groups within your database.   When selecting a Query while creating a Mailing Template, the system is essentially asking you who you want to the send the email to.

My Query contains zero contacts, why is that? Am I doing something wrong?

Whenever you clone or create a new subscription query, the system will initially display 0 (zero) contacts associated with the Query.  This is simply because the system hasn’t calculated the size of the Query yet.  On the Query list page,  you can click on the calculator icon to the right of the Query so that the system will display the most up to date number of contacts.

When I try to send my mailing, the send button is greyed out and I can’t click it. What’s wrong?

That’s usually the result of your email containing Errors.  If your mailing contains errors, the system will prevent it from being sent out.  Common errors include not including an opt-out or unsubscribe link or using a From Address that is not in the list of valid domains.  Remember, you must also include your Can Spam statement.  If you need any help with resolving your errors, contact our Help Desk.